The Burgher Association
The Burgher Association



The President of the Burgher Association was contacted by Mr. Sonny Ockersz, President of the Batticaloa Burgher Union, immediately after the Tsunami devastated the East Coast. He requested help urgently by way of the immediate needs of the affected people especially the Burghers. A large consignment of goods was immediately purchased and collected from some members of our Association and a lorry load taken to Batticaloa on the 2nd of January 2005. Accompanying these items were the President, Mr. Maxi Rozairo, the Vice President, Mr. Dunstan Kelaart and Mrs. Dilly Kelaart, Mr. Hans Beekmeyer of the Executive Committee and a few other members of the Burgher Association. Mrs. Dilly Kelaart was instrumental in initiating and contacting the undermentioned persons who promptly and generously contributed towards this worthy cause.


Keith & Barbie Claessen
Brisbane, Australia
Mrs. Maureen Perera
Kenneth Van Heer
Mrs. Pan Weerasinghe
Mrs. Estelle Bogaars
Melbourne, Australia
Mrs. Debra Davis
Mrs. Decima Crusz 1,000.00

These monies are deposited in a special account of The Burgher Association at Hatton National Bank, Nugegoda, Current Account No. 0270400612

Reaching Batticaloa after a very hard journey due to bad road conditions, the Burgher Association handed over the goods to Mr. Sonny Ockersz at the Batticaloa Burgher Union Office and was extremely grateful for the quick response and the concern shown by the Burghers.

According to Mr. Sonny Ockersz over 200 families of Burghers lost their homes and their livelihood. Over 150 lives were lost. The members of the Burgher Association then visited the area called the 'Dutch Bar' where most of the houses of the Burghers were situated and were appalled at the destruction caused by the Tsunami. The Burghers are now housed in a Convent close to the Batticaloa town and are living in miserable conditions. The Burgher Association is now in the process of assessing the needs of the Burghers in Batticaloa in order to help those poor people get back on their feet. It is intended to provide the affected Burghers most of whom are craftsmen, carpenters, masons, electricians and motor mechanics with the relevant tools to commence their livelihood. This is a plan for which we are requesting help and funds from the Burghers overseas and in Sri Lanka.

Finally, we make a special request to all our members to come forward to support those Burghers in need.

Your donations could be made in favour of 'The Burgher Association' and directed to Hatton National Bank, Nugegoda, Current Account No.0270400612. Those desirous of making contributions in kind could call over at our Office at YWCA Premises, 393, Union Place, Colombo 02. Tel: +94 (0)11 4737796







List of persons who lost their lives by tsunami at Dutch Bar & Uppodai.

  • Vinsella Ragel
  • Romansena Sellar
  • Diansena Starrack
  • Justin Starrack
  • Clauda Starrack
  • Theresa Pietersz
  • Fiasina Jespin Barthelot
  • Thanuja Barthelot
  • Dulgin Joyala Barthelot
  • Ammalsa Barthelot
  • Charlie Barthelot
  • Lakster Barthelot
  • Helen Barthelot
  • Victoria Outschoorn
  • Diana de Lima
  • Venita Barthelot
  • Terencia Vincent
  • Casilda Vincent
  • Terry Speck
  • Mary Elizabeth Sellar
  • Prasides Sellar
  • Selina Ragel
  • Krisvi Stockvas
  • Mehala de Lima
  • Demeksom de Lima
  • Casilda Peterson
  • Quinstella Peterson
  • Princely Simmons
  • Vinsiya Simmons
  • Norbert Starrack
  • Cecelia Hendricks
  • Leslie Ragel
  • Newlin Andrado
  • Jesla Speck
  • Anita Speck
  • Neluma Speck
  • Peter Balthazaar
  • Milrose Balthazaar
  • Ronny Andrado
  • Theresa Stephen
  • Nicholson Stephen
  • Stanny de Lima
  • Claudia de Lima
  • Christila de Lima
  • Kenistan de Lima
  • Teresa Outshoorn
  • Herbert Felthma
  • Neomi Winston
  • Verona Starrack
  • Samin Winston
  • Bernita Barthelot
  • Ursula Outschoorn
  • Ann Wandalin
  • Celine Starrack
  • Celine Ragel
  • Gerty Stockvos
  • Nancy de Lima
  • Iris Balthazaar
  • Erine Balthazaar
  • Cecilia Balthazaar
  • Ishan Balthazaar
  • Lakshan Balthazaar
  • Esmi Balthazaar
  • Mary Delicia Ragel
  • Ann Venetia Ragel
  • Daila Ragel
  • Denistan Balthazaar
  • Lovorina Balthazaar
  • Junita
  • Malin
  • Mary Marina
  • Jelrina
  • Jeyaniya
  • Annesley Ragel
  • Glaribell Fawsar
  • Julia Ragel
  • Salorin Ragel
  • Rinisten
  • Beula Ragel
  • Larry Hendrick
  • Aloysia Pietersz
  • Cecilia Barthelot
  • Virosiya Barthelot
  • Vemsar Barthelot
  • Matilda Starrack
  • Jacqueline Starrack
  • Roshina Starrack
  • Delfus de Lima
  • Stella de Lima
  • Bunny de Lima
  • Berchy de Lima
  • (Daughter) Pietersz
  • Atchara Barthelot
  • Stephani Barthelot
  • Mercy Ragel
  • Priannious Ragel
  • Sylvia Ragel
  • Celinan Ragel
  • Ruth Ragel
  • Anne Quandaline Ragel
  • Jenisten Ragel
  • Lovrina Ragel
  • Junita
  • Tercia Outschoorn
  • Tania Barthelot
  • Jennifer Barthelot
  • Delrine Barthelot
  • Amasha Barthelot
  • Eursel Outschoorn
  • Anne Qualrin Outschoorn
  • Matilda Sellar
  • Janistan Sellar
  • Neosen Sellar