President's Message

Lt. Col. D.G. Shane Balthazaar (Rtd.)

Welcome to the Home Page of the Burgher Association. Its been 14 years since we started and the Association has come through many challenges and obstacles and is progressing steadily despite low membership appreciation and participation. My heartfelt gratitude to all you loyal members of this association who have stayed with us all through these years and made it possible to carry on the tasks of ensuring the well being our our depleting community here in Sri Lanka. We highly appreciate the support we receive from our overseas donors particularly from Australia and the contributions towards our charity projects which is now on par with other entertainment events.

The web site of the association is meant to keep you informed of what's going on and of what is to come. I invite you to be a frequent visitor to this web site so that you may be well informed of our activities, as and when they happen, and not be left out owing to loss of mail or change of addresses etc, which seems to be a common occurrence in this part of the globe.

So, please enjoy our web site, and if you wish to get in touch with us, please do make contact through this web site on or to our personal e mail addresses provided in the Executive Committee profile page in this website.

Wish you a pleasant day.

Lt. Col. D.G. Shane Balthazaar (Rtd.)

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