• Full Member - All Burghers over 18 years of age recommended by the members and approved by the Executive Committee, are eligible for membership.  The Executive Committee shall grant membership after final approval.  Full Members shall have the right to vote and to hold office in all Committees, Sub-Committees and Fellowships of the Association.

  • Associate Member - Any person over 18 years of age who is not a Burgher but is the spouse of a Burgher who has Full Membership, and their children will be entitled to be Associate Members.  However, they will not have the right to vote.   The Associate member cannot serve as an Ex-Officio but could serve in a lesser capacity, on any Committee, Sub-Committee or Fellowship.

  • Overseas Membership - Given to those of the Burgher Community resident abroad and will incorporate both Full Members and Associate Members.  Such members shall not have the right to vote or to hold office in the Association.

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