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About the Association

The Burgher Association was established on the 13th October 2001, by a group of enthusiastic members of our Burgher community under the visionary and youthful leadership of an outstanding showbiz personality, Maxi Rozairo and the Late Pastor Brian Pereira.

The Burgher community in Sri Lanka has played a key role in the post-independent Sri Lanka making significant contributions to its development and well being. However, subsequent political changes in the country which saw the introduction of "Sinhala Only" resulted in many of our Burghers being compelled to leave the shores of this beautiful paradise in search of English education for their children as well as politically and economically salubrious climes in countries such as Australia, Canada and other European nations. However, a remnant few who dared to face the challenges of the political arena in Sri Lanka decided to stay back in their motherland. In the census of 1981, the Burgher population of Sri Lanka was enumerated at 39,374 persons.

The establishment of an association to bring all these Burghers under one umbrella irrespective of their ancestral origins was a long felt need and this dream of the Burghers in Sri Lanka became a reality with the birth of The Burgher Association.

This new found Association is now a haven for all our Burghers, irrespective of their original ancestry; European or Dutch.  Today we are proud to declare that we have over 2,500 registered members in the Association though not all are active members. This Association belongs to the Burgher community and it is up to our Burghers to nurture and preserve this Association for posterity. No one else will. We appeal to our brothers and sisters of the Burgher community world wide to rally round the Burgher Association which is open to ALL Burghers and foster the well being of our community no matter where we may live.

Please do contact us on info@theburgherassociation.com









The Burgher Association - No.16, Borella Cross Road, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.
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